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Free webinar to get you up to date on whats new in WIndows 7

Probably the most stressful part about making a decision whether to move to Windows 7 or not is wondering what it really has to offer. For those of us who make our living writing, testing and training this is all we do, so it is not so bad. But I remember when I was in the trenches daily as an IT Director trying to test all the ins and outs of Vista. Doing that meant losing time on something else…mostly lunch and sleep. I received an email yesterday from my long time colleague and friend J. Peter Bruzzese. When I saw the contents I immediately thought of my readers. Peter has recently completed a book titled “Windows 7 Unveiled”. The publishers of the book decided to sponsor a webcast, featuring Peter, talking about some of the new features and improvements that Windows 7 has to offer. The webcast will be Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 10:30 am PDT/1:30 pm EDT. Some of the topics featured will be:

  • The New User Account Control Slider Settings
  • The Action Center
  • Jump Lists
  • Internet Explorer 8 Features
  • HomeGroups
  • Special R2 Only Features
  • Registration is open now so sign up today . This is a great opportunity to get caught up on some of the features of Windows 7. And help some of you who are working hard keeping us all connected to get a much needed lunch break and some rest.

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