Delivering Business Value via the Mobile Web

Part 2 in the Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals Series

Access the Web over a wireless network via a mobile device, such as a browser-enabled smartphone, and you're on the Mobile Web. A recent comScore Press Release announced that Mobile Web usage is becoming a daily activity for many U.S. mobile phone users. In fact, access to news and information on the Internet via mobile devices more than doubled in the year between January 2008 and 2009. Mobile Web users now keep the world informed through user-generated content: breaking news and actual first-hand photos and videos from the scene. The power of this new, faster, richer, Mobile Web connectedness is evident from the impact it has brought to bear on recent world events, such as those posted on Twitter's DisasterUpdates.

Much of today's Mobile Web delivers information content via lightweight pages, specially designed to deliver content to a mobile device. Newer devices like the Apple iPhone come with web browsers offering easier and improved access to Web-based content.  A growing portfolio of Mobile Webapps, designed to be accessed and executed by mobile device browsers are becoming increasingly popular. In April 2009, Apple announced that over 1 billion iPhone apps were downloaded from its App Store in the nine months since its launch. Those still using Windows Mobile devices may want to look at Skyfire to accelerate their Mobile Web browsing experience.

Cisco, a company that prides itself on its ability to run its business on the Web and knows the advantages of making basic corporate information, such as news and directory, available to employees via the corporate intranet, developed a mobile intranet site in 2006. Cisco soon added Mobile Sales Information Services to that site to support its 13,500-member, On-the-Go Sales organization, enabling them to be more informed and responsive to customer needs. More importantly, Cisco quickly created the externally-facing mobile site, providing anywhere, anytime access to Cisco news and product information to employees, customers and partners. Cisco's experience shows that mobility provides an opportunity for enterprises to increase employee productivity, transform and accelerate business processes, and amplify the business value of Web 2.0.

Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals, the book I recently co-authored for Cisco Press, provides more details how the Mobile Web is delivering business value to Cisco, its customers and partners. Join me here to learn more about the exciting Cisco Web 2.0 story. I'm eager to hear your feedback as we explore the possibility, recognize the opportunity and realize the potential of Web 2.0 to deliver business value to your enterprise. Safe journey!

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