Google CEO might leave Apple's board (and it's about time)

Reuters reports that Eric Schmidt is considering recusing himself now that Google will be building a PC OS.

When asked point blank on Thursday if he was planning on resigning from Apple's board now that his company is planning on building a competing operating system, Eric Schmidt said unequivocally, maybe. He also said that he would talk to Apple about it but "At the moment, there's no issue," reports Reuters. Hardly.

Months ago, Google Subnet asked why Eric Schmidt was still on Apple's board, given that Google had created a mobile device platform that directly competes with the iPhone. But ok, Google's involvement with Android was a build-it-and-throw-it-over-the-wall mentality, so Schmidt didn't think that was enough of a conflict of interest to leave Apple. But now, Google has caused a foaming-at-the-mouth media frenzy with its announced intention to build yet another operating system.

Google wants to take out Microsoft so badly that it's taking on Apple in the process. And the other Apple board members should be feeling a little queasy about discussing the company's deepest strategy to the smiling face of a would-be mobile/PC/application superpower. He'll leave the meeting, hitting the 101 and reporting what he heard to his own board. Or at least he should be, if he meets his responsibilities to the sanity-should-be-questioned folks who shelled out $400- $600 for a single share of Google.

In a brilliant piece of comedic writing, The Fake Steve Jobs blog showed how silly the situation is.

"Tag him and bag him, boys, because Squirrel Boy is finished around here. I called him last night and told him, and he agreed. ... you may or may not see anything on our Web site or in our filings to the SEC, but trust me -- Eric is gone.

FSJ suggests he may need to run Squirrel Boy over with a car. But if a rodent won't leave on its own, a fruit tree needs to ts options.

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