Xobni gives Outlook power..PLUS a whole lot more

Xobni Plus adds additional features for users.

I blogged about Xobni in March (see the post here) of this year. Yet here I am four months later talking again about Xobni. Why you may ask? It is because Xobni has released a new product that has built upon an excellence and actually made it even better. My colleague Mitchell Ashley and myself had a chance to speak with Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina yesterday about the companies big announcement Xobni Plus. Mitchell will post that podcast soon; in the meantime I wanted to tell you about some of the newest things Xobni Plus has to offer. Building upon the over two million downloads; Xobni is offering its first paid for offering. If you have used the free version you know how valuable this tool is, if you are one of the very few in the world who have not yet heard of Xobni…pay attention. Xobni is an Outlook plug-in that helps you to find manage and analyze how you use email in Outlook. The newest offering at a modest $29.95 for a single user license (volume discounts are available as well), builds on the successful relationship management features of Xobni and adds to it the following features: Advanced Search – Search not only by name but by keywords, phrases, dates or even folders. The advanced search also supports unlimited numbers of pst files. If have been in technology as long as I have you probably have a few dozen of these lying around at least (especially, if like me, you worked in the dot-bomb era of technology). Search within the conversations and networks pane – If you remember who sent the email but cannot remember a particular point, search right within the conversations pane. Or perhaps you were cc’ed on an email and need to reach a recipient that you do not have in your contacts but was part of the email. This search ability allows you to search within the network pane of users that have been included in emails. Use phrases and Boolean queries to filter the results even more, this will ensure you are finding what you need. Rank-powered Autosuggest – Matt spoke to us about the passive address book that Xobni builds. The Rank-powered autosuggest builds on the Microsoft Outlook feature of suggesting an email contact by using the history of people you have emailed previously. Xobni takes this a step further including suggestions for emails where you were cc’ed as well. But there is even more, let’s say you received an email from someone from Microsoft. You need to reply back but you cannot find where you filed the original. Just type Microsoft in the To: filed of the email and you will see suggestions for everyone from Microsoft who ever sent an email to your inbox. Search for Calendar and Tasks - Now you can add to the relationship management by having the calendar and tasks from Outlook brought into the Xobni add-in. This allows you to see appointments and tasks by contacts rather than by dates. This tool continues to help build on the efficiency that Xobni brings. Remember these features are only available in the plus version. But as I mentioned before it is a small piece of change to put down for a tool that offers such productivity. As Matt told us Xobni is Inbox spelt backwards but after speaking with Matt it is clear Xobni Plus is a step forward into a new era of how we will work with Outlook and email to make our world 'A Better Windows World'. Catch the podcast with Mitchell and myself for some more insight into Xobni Plus as well as Matt’s mention of some exciting future releases involving Xobni.

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