Windows Mobile 6.5 plus Communicator Mobile at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009

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While having a blast in New Orleans at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, I had only one product that was of any interest for me to see an update of; Windows Mobile 6.5 and the improvements made for the Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile client for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. While Single Number Reach is a huge feature for enterprise organizations to keep track and accounting of corporate mobile user's communications and to provide seamless office/mobile communications through the power of OCS 2007 R2 saving on mobile communications costs, I have to say I was not blown away. With mobile platforms like the iPhone now in its second release, you would think that Microsoft would have something really cool and efficient to show as the company is trying to change its "coolness" factor to consumers. For more information on the Windows Mobile release and the Single Number Reach feature, check out the following link: From my perspective, I hope to see a much different design by the next Worldwide Partner Conference. In my opinion, there is not one mobile device or platform that truly fits the needs of the individual so hopefully Microsoft is working on something that is device agnostic in which the user can customize their own mobile experience and for heaven's sake, please incorporate a media experience that accepts iTunes and Windows Media. From a Communicator Mobile experience perspective, Single Number Reach is mandatory for enterprise organizations, but I also want to be able to walk into the office, have my presence pick-up and update my Communicator account to take calls in the office and as soon as I walk out of the office with my mobile device, allow me to automatically pickup office and personal calls on my mobile and bridge the office calls through the OCS server, WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO CONFIGURE ANYTHING. Presence can factor location and device so, let's streamline some of this stuff and make it easy for the user. Regards, Joe


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