Microsoft kills Soapbox, its YouTube rival

Soapbox will be pulled offline August 31

On the last day of August Microsoft's YouTube competitor, Soapbox, will be no more. If YouTube isn't profitable for Google (though Goog execs this week claimed it soon would be), we can imagine the financial sink hole that Soapbox was for Microsoft. Indeed, Microsoft officials blamed the cost of the service in this economy as the reason for its demise.

Soapbox was launched in 2007. This is the second 2007 technology project Microsoft has just killed. Popfly, a mashup tool, is also dead.

Good move, Microsoft. You really can't afford to keep chasing the white whale of Google and doing everything Google does. What is especially crazy is that Google loses money on so much of what it does beyond serving ads next to search results. Microsoft, you have spent billions upon billions of dollars in R&D. Surely somewhere in all that research is an original idea that solves a real business problem that no one else is already doing. We look forward to seeing it.

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