KontrolPack 2.0

Open Source Cross-Platform Network Management Software

Of course the main challenge in a cross platform environment is how to manage your different systems. I remember back in my dotcom days(when I was doing mostly user support)being in an environment where we deployed Windows to most of the office, Sun Solaris to a few developers and Mac OS for the creative department. Needless to say it was hectic to manage the desktops. What I wouldn’t have given for a tool like KontrolPack. KontrolPack 2.0 is an open source, cross platform network management tool…Man that is a mouthful, let’s try an acronym here and call it an OSSXPLATNMT…No that doesn’t work either. How about what just call it what it is an Administrators best friend. If you need to manage multiple desktops that are Linux, Mac and Windows based this is the tool you need to have at hand. KontrolPack gives you the ability to manage hundreds of machines from a single interface. It is simple to roll out and begin managing your organization. Simply install KontrolPack to all machines, and start these in client mode. The same installation package allows you to start a workstation in server mode and begin management. Some of the great features that KontrolPack offers to help Administrators are: • Managing all the systems on your LANSharing files between remote clientsSend commands to clients simultaneouslyRemote Shell command executionGet an overview of the clients in your LAN The ability to start KontolPack in either the server or client mode makes it easy to have your Windows Server send commands to Windows, Linux and Mac clients. Or send a command from your Linux server to your Windows and Mac clients. The flexibility and ease of use make this a tool a must have. Download and try KontrolPack 2.0 today, if you live a cross platform environment this is one tool to make your world… A Better (Cross- Platform) Windows World.

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