Cisco provides update on FCoE

Another mention of market gestation triggers another e-mail from Cisco PR

Looks like all we have to do is mention that the market for FCoE is a 2010-11 phenomena to trigger an update from Cisco PR. This week's installment states that Cisco has shipped over 100,000 Nexus 5000 switch ports to 900 customers.

That's more than the 558 customers tallied last month. And 35% of those customers -- or 315 -- have purchased the Nexus 5000 with FCoE "enabled." That's up from less than 200 last month.

Cisco still won't tell us how much an FCoE port costs on the Nexus 5000 switch though. A 10G Ethernet port without FCoE costs $900, and analysts have told us that an FCoE license for the switch costs at least an additional $22,000. That would put the cost of an FCoE port on the Nexus 5000 at at least $1,450.

Is that right, Cisco? Pardon us for not holding our breath waiting for a response...

Anyway, cost was another significant factor cited by everyone other than Cisco as a reason why FCoE is not going gangbusters right now. Oops, did we say that??????

Another FCoE update from Cisco PR in 3... 2... 1...

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