Delivering Business Value via Sales 2.0

Part 6 in the Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals Series

As enterprises adapt their selling processes to embrace Web 2.0 communication and collaboration technology, traditional sales is changing to a new approach delivering business value called Sales 2.0. Designed to align sales activities with steps in the buying process, Sales 2.0 leverages technology to enable sales teams work more efficiently and effectively together, with customers, and with partners. Web 2.0 tools enable delivering information to buyers at the right time in their preferred format, building stronger relationships, increasing customer intimacy and loyalty. Sharing knowledge and co-creation with selling partners improves sales strategy, benefiting customers and the bottom line.

Sales 2.0 uses a number of Web 2.0 tools, such as instant messaging, Web conferencing, and social networking, to accelerate the sales cycle, increase productivity, an imperative in the current climate. Just as networking and relationship-building play key roles in successful selling, social networking enables sellers, customers, and partners to connect and extend their reach exponentially, for mutual benefit.  While Sales 1.0 focused on selling products in volume, Sales 2.0 focuses on enabling customers to more effectively manage their businesses. In Sales 2.0 teams collaborate via the Web with more customers and partners per day vs. accumulating frequent flier miles or spending hours on the road.

Ever since Cisco touted the importance of collaboration, it has been a key part of company's Web 2.0 evolution, particularly in the sales organization. Cisco sales teams are early adopters of its collaborative technologies, using them improving communication and collaboration with peers, partners, and customers, and transforming selling processes in Sales 2.0 ways. Cisco's marketing processes are also changing to match new customer buying behaviors and expectations. Annual technology trade shows, for example, are giving way to virtual trade shows, which are "always on." Here partners promote products in virtual booths, leveraging the power of Cisco's Web 2.0 technologies to collaborate with customers and partners world-wide.

Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals, the book I recently co-authored for Cisco Press, provides more detail on ways Sales 2.0 is delivering business value to Cisco, its customers and partners. Join me here to learn more about the exciting Cisco Web 2.0 story. I'm eager to hear your feedback as we explore the possibility, recognize the opportunity, and realize the potential of Web 2.0 to deliver business value to your enterprise. Safe journey!

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