The Netbook Replaced by - The Notebook?

Cheaper notebooks may replace netbooks for some - but with a different price to pay

I am, as everyone must know by now, a huge fan of the netbook and Ubuntu. I have two Asus Eees, running the stock Xandros, but perhaps soon to run Ubuntu, and I've just completed building two more Ubuntu desktops, with one of these is in fact housed in a old carpet cleaner. The other is in the smallest mini-ITX case I could find, and clipped to the back of a 1080p monitor via the VESA mounting plate and some special screw-in studs. Ubuntu 9.04 runs just great on both; no problems at all.

On the netbook side, however, some have complained that netbooks are either too small or too expensive, and I have complained that it's getting harder to find one that doesn't come with Windows XP, which, again, I refuse to buy more of and which is overkill when all I need is Firefox and OpenOffice. And now comes the ultimate insult (assault?) - a full-size (15.4-inch) notebook running Ubuntu for a mere $250. Sure, it's refurbished, but I buy a lot of refurbished PCs and such and I'm yet to be disappointed by any of them. BTW, is a great place for tech bargains and I highly recommend them. I've been a customer for many years, but I'm otherwise unaffiliated. They have great customer service as well.

OK, you win with this one on price, notebook, but the one place where the Ubuntu notebook can't compete is in size and weight - the real cost of going this route. I like netbooks because they're so portable and, as I travel a lot, that's my number-one criterion. But, for some people, anyway, more is always better, and the specs of the Everex notebook noted above are impressive, especially at a price below that of essentially all netbooks. Why, as electronics gets more compact, does the result always seem to cost more? It may well be, then, assuming the availability of more products like the Everex product in this case, that many will opt for notebooks here even though portability is sacrificed. No doubt about it, this is an amazing deal regardless.

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