Rebit -- practical and useful backup

Appliances fit the bill for easy backup of Windows desktop or laptop files

I ran across one of the coolest storage companies ever last week -- Rebit -- (pronounced ree-bit as in resending bits).

Rebit makes appliances and software to backup individual user PCs -- for a small company that doesn't have an IT director, the companies appliances fit the bill for easy backup of Windows desktop or laptop files.

Rebit makes a number of appliances -- 160G to 320GB appliances for backing up single laptops or multiple (up to six) machines, and desktop appliances that are configured in 500GB to 1TB versions for backing up individual or multiple desktop computers. The company also makes available its software for installation on an external hard drive and again once more, able to backup either individual or multiple PCs.

One of the coolest things about Rebit is its traction in the industry -- in June the company signed an OEM deal with Seagate for its software to be incorporated into Seagate's Replica backup appliances. They've done a number of other deals that I can't talk about, but further bolster its business. Rebit appliances are sold on Amazon, for example.

Rebit's software incorporates continuous data protection and bare metal recovery. It lets users roll back data to any previous point in time and recover applications, settings and files in the event of a system failure.

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