PowerGUI unleash the power of PowerShell while using a familiar GUI management interface

PowerShell management does not have to be painful with PowerGUI in your IT toolbox

Since its introduction I have come across two very different reactions for PowerShell. Some love it since to them it is a connection to old school systems, fond memories of DOS (really!!!) or the idea that Windows management is becoming more like Linux/Unix. Others are not as enthused by the whole command line typing to get things done type of environment. Some IT people I have spoken with are irritated that some management functions within Server 2008, Exchange 2007 or OCS 2007 can only be managed with PowerShell. Regardless of whether you love PowerShell, hate it or are just undecided there is a free tool available that unleashes the power of PowerShell while offering the ease of a GUI interface, that tool is PowerGUI by Quest Software PowerGUI has taken the command line out of PowerShell and given Admins a tool that they may be more familiar with for managing systems. PowerGUI provides users with a graphical interface to handle the functions of PowerShell using the point and click method. Personally I like using the command line for PowerShell; I enjoy feeling like I am back managing Cisco routers and switches like I did in my dotcom days. However, there are a few areas of PowerShell where it can be daunting to write our cmdlets to get what I need done and I really appreciate PowerGUI for these tasks. I was thinking about that when I decided to write about this tool. While I have the time available (not really) to delve deep into PowerShell I can certainly understand that IT environment where you have no time to breather from the moment you walk in the door until you leave at 5pm…yeah right… more like 7pm. A tool that can make PowerShell management easier and quicker would certainly be a blessing. PowerGUI not only comes with management ability for the core PowerShell environment (local system and Network). It also comes with downloadable management packs for predefined scripts such as Active Directory and Exchange Server. Besides being a way to easier manage PowerShell PowerGUI has a script editor which allows you to test a particular cmdlet function before trying it in production, which can alleviate many headaches. If you are determined to learn PowerShell but do not have a ton of time to do so, no problem. Use PowerGUI to accomplish you task and turn on the PowerShell script option from the view menu. This will add a tab that lets you see the actually cmdlets begin used for the particular task. In this way you can accomplish what you need to accomplish while becoming familiar with PowerShell scripts. PowerGUI is one of the many great tools offered by Quest Software and is free, making it a really great tool for to keep in that IT toolbox. Try it today and get all the power of PowerShell without the command line environment. How do you feel about PowerShell? Do you think it is the greatest invention since the wheel or do you think Microsoft is just trying to appeal to Linux Admins? Let me know!

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