100G Ethernet races to market

Analyst says 100G Ethernet will elbow 40G out of the running

Posted by Cisco Subnet editor Julie Bort: I was reading through a product announcement today from JDSU when this tidbit jumped out: "According to the research firm IDC, 100G solutions are poised to come to market faster than 40G." Interesting! This, of course, runs counter to the marketing message Cisco has been sending.

JDSU's news involved the release of new 100G Ethernet test products for equipment makers. The information about 100G overtaking 40G was how the company was making its case as to why it should be releasing testing gear for a technology based on a standard that won't be done until 2010. This a long-time debate, but the volume has picked up since June when Juniper unveiled its pre-standards, 100G interface. (By the way: if you haven't had a chance to take a gander at Juniper's T1600 core router, here's a slideshow of this product and others.)

With IDC seemingly arguing in favor of 100G, should Cisco more formally alter its position on the 40G versus 100G debate? Here's a summary via a video from June, 2008, by Mike Capuano, director of marketing, SP Routing & Switching? At that time, he said: "Is the 40G market toast? Will customers go straight from 10G to 100G? Absolutely not."



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