The Cloud Upsets the Tech Guys

Cloud Computing doesn't sit right with the IT People that support the in house apps

I have seen two reactions to cloud computing amongst fellow IT. The first, "What is that?" the second is never a positive one. When I read articles online it is almost always followed by comments from critical IT people. So I searched for a few cloud computing services that both the Nerd and the Tech can be positive about.

For the Tech

Someone introduced me to a company called Load Storm that offers, as the name would suggest, load testing for your Internet facing web apps. Why is this big deal? As a "Tech Guy" myself, I can't tell you how many times I have seen an application go into production only to find someone under estimated the throughput of the infrastructure. Load testing was performed, but it was two servers sending as many requests as possible. This test does not take into account things like Server and DNS Load Balancers. With fewer users, the infrastructure is not truly tested. Load Storm, using an existing Cloud Computing architecture, tests the real throughput of the application and infrastructures you rely upon using a many to one concept.

For the Nerd

I found a free tool, for lack of a better word, called iCloud. You get a computer with common apps like IM, a web browser, and an open source document editor that you access using any computer with Internet access. You even get 3GB of storage to upload files and share with other iCloud users. It has the look and feel of a Windows OS but it is actually a proprietary OS built on a Linux Kernel. Remember, it is free and you get what you pay for, but for the cost - It is a pretty cool app that I can see Nerds and even common users, since it gives an already familiar look and feel, getting excited about.

I believe the reason we have such difficulty defining the buzz word 'Cloud Computing' is because it has no real definition. We have developed a technology that can be whatever we want it to be. I think IT people should be excited. If I can create a new software or service, I can use the marketing job that has already been done for me by calling it cloud computing. Maybe we need to give it a chance.

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