Amazon's latest competition offers secure enterprise cloud

OpSource Cloud goes into beta

Meet the newest player in cloud computing: OpSource.

Cloud computing is over-hyped, with seemingly every vendor slapping the cloud label on old and new products alike, as I noted in last week’s post. But OpSource isn’t just offering some software over the Web and talking about the cloud. This vendor has developed a comprehensive cloud platform that provides server, storage and network capacity over the Web in a model that will compete directly against Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service. (Read the IDG News Service report by writer Chris Kanaracus here)

OpSource was founded in 2002 in Santa Clara, Calif., and specializes in Web application delivery. With its new “OpSource Cloud,” the vendor is hoping it can convince customers that it offers a more secure entry into Web-based computing than Amazon and other vendors are capable of providing.

As Kanaracus reports, “users get a dedicated ‘virtual private cloud’ of resources, and can determine how much access it has to the public Internet … The VPC can be connected with users' on-premise data centers via a VPN (virtual private network) connection.”

"You get a truly private ethernet network ... only you have access to it. It doesn't touch the public Internet. Nobody else can see it but the customer," CEO Treb Ryan is quoted as saying.

Role-based budgeting and user permissions, and master and department-level management are among the other features targeted toward enterprise users, the IDG News Service reports.

The private beta is charging users for computing capacity on an hourly basis, with specific pricing as follows:

VLAN = $0.20/ hour

Storage = $0.0003/GB/hour

CPU = $0.04/ hour

RAM = $0.025/hour

Bandwidth = $0.15/GB/hour

It’s too early to tell whether OpSource will become a trusted name in the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service market. A public beta is scheduled to begin in early October and general availability will occur a few months after that.

Analyst Jeffrey Kaplan of THINKstrategies is a believer in OpSource, according to the company’s press release.

“OpSource's new Cloud solution offers the security, performance and management control enterprises need to move from simple development to serious application deployment and production via the Cloud,” Kaplan is quoted as saying.

Enterprises are still wary of outsourcing critical applications to cloud providers, particularly after incidents such as recent power failures at Rackspace. But if OpSource can deliver on its promises it will be a welcome addition to the market and another viable option for IT customers.  Follow Jon Brodkin on Twitter:

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