A month has gone by and no apology from Gar-ner, arrogance is bliss.

Freedom of the press and free speech, they are on the hot seat with Gartner Inc.

It has been a month since I posted the blog called "When censorship goes too far, we cannot say Gar-ner anymore". Since then I have received many email about Gar-ner and how really no one likes them for what they do. I am still waiting on a reply from Gar-ner about the email they sent to me, I have responded back to the email four times but never get a reply. I have sent an email to some C-Level Executives but it seems they never read the email.

Many people who have sent me emails very curiously are lawyers and would love to take Gar-ner up on the email with regards to the use of their name in any media outlets.  Let's review the post below and parts of the email sent to me.   http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/44252

"Per our Copyright and Quote Policy, available at the link below and at any time from Gartner's home page, other companies may only externally quote, mention, reference or display the Gartner name or Gartner research after first obtaining approval in writing, in advance, from my department.  In violation of this restriction, your organization has been using Gartner's name and research as shown in your blog entry at this link".

Just to display the company name you need to get approval, in a email I sent to Gar-ner I asked them how many people they have working in this group, maybe 5,000? If they need to have every person complies with this so called written law then they must have a huge staff. Below is a posting from the last blog which I found interesting,

"The subject line alone indicates their level of arrogance. Furthermore, as someone who spent a good part of his life defending the Constitution of the United States, and loves to study Constitutional Law (nice to understand what you are defending), they are setting themselves up for a hell of a lawsuit should someone decide to peruse it. "

So is it the point that they just send nasty emails and threaten people with action? Is it a bully tactic that they use with everyone? Does anyone every call the bluff and say no, it is a right of free speech to use the company name in news or personal opinion?

What I think is that Gar-ner is in violation of the free speech act when they say you cannot mention, reference or display the name. So where is the Gar-ner response?

In my opinion I will never see a email from them. They are good at being a bully in email and on twitter, just have a arrogance problem when it comes to backing up what they send. 

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