High-capacity satellite system zips voice, data, video to aircraft

Military service system supports huge dumps of voice, data, and imagery

B-2 will get FAB-T
A satellite system that will let the military send large amounts of voice, data, imagery and video to and from ground stations and aircraft has successfully completed tests designed to prove the systems integrity and usefulness.

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The Air Force said the test on its Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals, or FAB-T system utilized Military Strategic and Tactical Relay satellites and was operated jointly by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory and the Electronic Systems Center.  The FAB-T system will ultimately be capable of sending data at rates over 300Mbps, according to Boeing, the lead contractor of the system. 

The systems' main selling points are that it interoperates and can be used to send data, voice and video across the Air Force, Navy and Army extremely high frequency systems. FAB-T also uses a common design and open architecture allow the integration of multiple satellites and is easy to upgrade, the Air Force claims. 

According to the military, FAB-T terminals will be installed on various military platforms enabling strategic and conventional bombers; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft; special air mission aircraft; and strategic airlift platforms to maintain connectivity with rear and deployed forces. 

FAB-T will provide information to and from ground and airborne platforms over protected and wideband satellite communications and line-of-sight systems.

The system will also provide the first EHF capability for the bomber fleet and replace the current Milstar Air Force command post terminal at many ground command and control sites around the world, the Air Force stated.

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