Google Chrome 3.0 arrives

Google's Chrome browser grows faster and more stable.

Google Tuesday launched Version 3 of its Chrome Web browser, which keeps the pressure on competing tools by boosting JavaScript performance by 25% vs. the latest stable release. Improvements to tabs and video/audio handling round out the major new features in the release of Google Chrome, which can be downloaded here.  The update comes about a year after Google Chrome made its debut.  "This release comes hot on the heels of 51 developer, 21 beta and 15 stable updates and 3,505 bugfixes in the past year," Google writes on its blog

A PC World review finds Chrome to offer faster page loading while offering customizable themes, and an updated tab page. The new version of Chrome comes out just in time, because Sony has announced that it will be preinstalled on Sony's Vaio line of computers, marking Google's first attempt to really push the browser into the hands of users.

Although I like Chrome, I haven't found it a reason to move away from Firefox, with its many add-ons that make my life easier. And I'm married to Internet Explorer, too, thanks to a content management application used by Network World that prefers IE over any other browser. Given that Google has issued 3,000 bug fixes for Chrome, I'm not sure how many enterprises want to bank on it, either. Chrome doesn't always play will with the Web applications we use around here that do function in Firefox and IE. Still, choice is good and it looks like Chrome may be working its way up to become another viable alternative.

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