The iland Workforce Cloud: Go ahead keep your head and desktop in the cloud

iland Workforce Cloud allows secure desktop connections to corporate data while supporting disaster recovery, business continuity and compliance

Its funny how things work out, as a child I was always told keep my head out of the clouds, hence I took up a career in operations management and later technology instead of becoming an actor or musician. Oh how things come full circle, since these days I constantly have my head in the clouds…cloud computing, but nevertheless. My latest trip to the cloud landed me at iland cloud infrastructure. iland is a provider of cloud computing infrastructure with high-availability datacenters across North America and Europe. The company is introducing today their newest offering for the desktop the iland Workforce Cloud. The iland Workforce Cloud is a unified solution that provides secure desktop connections to hosted data within the iland Private Cloud which is backed by iland’s six datacenters across North America and Europe. Forget five 9’s, were talking always on access. The Workforce Cloud stores employee data on the hosted systems, making this a great business continuity, disaster recovery solution. Lost, stolen or damaged desktops, laptops or devices are no longer a security nightmare. And a user’s desktop can be restored within minutes, meaning very little loss of productivity. The iland Workforce Cloud offers some great features including: • Closes the loop between the desktop and the datacenter • Provides printer support at virtually any user location • Stores data securely and centrally while maintaining availability even if devices are stolen or destroyed • Simplifies management of desktop deployment, configuration, and migration • Centralizes patch management • Serves as key component of business continuity and disaster recovery plan • Enables workforce mobility for traveling, telecommuting, or remote workers • Reduces storage requirements and costs up to 70 percent • Facilitates regulatory compliance • Offers seamless access into shared or SaaS environments With the ability to centralize management and deployment the Workforce Cloud provide easy reporting, administration, and auditing. Those of us who need to contend with compliance can benefit greatly from the Workforce Cloud solution. Visit iland today for pricing and to learn more about the Workforce Cloud.

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