Rumored Apple Tablet to sport 9.6-inch screen, will cost between $800 and $1000, and might run on AT&T's network

Apple's upcoming tablet is rumored to include a 9.6 inch multitouch screen, a PS Semi processor, and will reportedly run on AT&T's network.

If there's one thing we learned about Apple in the past few weeks, it's that it won't hesitate to pull a feature or a product at the very last minute if it isn't up to Apple's high standards.  I'm of course referring to the latest iPod Touch models, which contrary to what was anticipated, did not come equipped with built-in cameras due to a reported higher than acceptable failure rate.That being the case, any rumors purporting to detail Apple's rumored and upcoming tablet should likewise be taken with a grain of salt as Apple always seems to have a trick or surprise up its sleeve.Still, an extremely interesting rumor about an Apple tablet surfaced earlier this week in a report in the Taiwan Economic News.  While reporting on a company that had supposedly been chosen to supply the battery packs for Apple's upcoming tablet, a few juicy tidbits about the rumored device were also revealed. 

Specifically, the report noted that Apple is planning to launch a 9.6 inch tablet device in February of 2010 that will cost anywhere from $799 to $999.  The report also describes a multitouch screen with a PA Semi designed chipset.  And then things start to get interesting. 

For a few months now, rumors have abounded about how an Apple tablet will include built-in 3G connectivity, and in conjunction with those rumors have been reports that Apple has been negotiating with Verizon to strike some sort of deal to provide the device with always on Internet access.  But according to the Taiwan Economic News, the rumored Apple Tablet will access the web via High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPDA), a notable detail as the only carriers that utilize HSDPA for their 3G networks are AT&T and T-Mobile.  Verizon, in contrast, uses EV-DO.  So does this mean that Apple's tablet will run on AT&T's network?  Perhaps, and if true, I can only imagine the backlash that will inevitably ensue.  Cries of, "Apple, didn't you learn your lesson the first time?!" will undoubtedly become a rallying cry.But as with all things Apple, you never truly know what you're gonna get until Steve Jobs himself announces it onstage.  Besides, I imagine that the most intriguing feature of the rumored Apple tablet, if it ever does hit the market, won't be what carrier is providing its Internet access.


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