Microsoft Fix It. Where Is "Harry Tuttle" When We Need Him?

Lets start a grassroots campaign to have Harry Tuttle be the Microsoft Fix It program

The current Server Message Block (SMB) vulnerability we're experiencing caused me to go out and run Microsoft's Fix It application. It reported that the fix doesn't apply to the Windows 7 RTM I'm running. I hope that's because this version isn't vulnerable and not because Fix It doesn't work with Windows 7. Seeing the Fix It app, and the icon used in Microsoft's branding somehow reminded me of the character Achibald "Harry" Tuttle that Robert De Niro played in the film Brazil.

While we all probably wanted to mutilate the Office paperclip avatar at one point or another, a Harry Tuttle running around on our computers wouldn't be a bad thing. Matter of fact, having Harry pop in and out, fixing problems, letting us know he's working, and helping us avoid filling out one of those dreaded 27B-"stroke"-6 forms -- that would be fantastic. While Harry was an odd sort of fellow, he did keep the organic, living HVAC system running. Harry can also back you up if two of those government employee types show up without a 27B-stroke-6 handy.

Microsoft, license Harry Tuttle from Terry Gilliam so Harry Tuttle can be guy keeping our Windows systems working.

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