Royal Canadian Mounties bust swindlers seeking to sell $2M in fake Cisco gear

Charged by Royal Canadian Mounties with two counts each of: Fraud Over $5000 And one count each of: Passing Off and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Are:

Aaron (Ron) Sananes - age 44 of 30 Charnwood Place, Thornhill, Ontario Canada
Mandi Fitleberg - age 45, of 30 Charnwood Place, Thornhill, Ontario Canada
NETWORK IT, located at 210 Don Park Road - Unit 1, Markham, Ontario Canada
Today Thursday, February 28th, 2008 marks their first Canadian Court appearance. Press Release - Royal Canadian Mounties (RCMP)
On February 21, 2007 in cooperation with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Royal Canadian Mounties executed a search warrant on the business premises of NETWORK IT, located at 210 Don Park Rd. - Unit 1, Markham, Ontario Canada.

Approximately 1,600 counterfeit Cisco parts were seized with an estimated value of over $2 million dollars. The investigation commenced in October 2006, when Cisco Brand Protection complained that NETWORK IT was distributing large quantities of counterfeit Cisco to companies in the United States via the Internet. Additionally, a month later in November 2006, investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounties, ICE and as well as the FBI formed a joint initiative for disrupting the flow of counterfeit Cisco in North America. "Counterfeit products greatly undermine the integrity of our economy," said Inspector Peter Goulet - Officer in Charge of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Greater Toronto Area Federal Enforcement Section. "In many cases the end users were unaware that counterfeit products were being placed in their computers, and depending on the function of those computers this could cause serious health and safety concerns."

Even after their counterfeit Cisco bust, Network IT still remains in business today selling networking equipment on their website: Furthermore, NETWORK IT maintains a store on eBay after their counterfeit Cisco bust.

UNEDA - United Network Equipment Dealer Association - provides an immediate response: NETWORK IT was formally removed from UNEDA membership back on March 12th, 2007 for violating its association ethics that prohibit the selling of counterfeit Cisco. "One of the core objectives of UNEDA is to eradicate the presence of all counterfeit equipment in the used Cisco industry," said John Stafford - Vice President and Membership Chairman of UNEDA. "Thousands of customers representing large and small organizations turn to UNEDA for top-quality, reliable and genuine refurbished equipment." "Our members abide by a strict code of ethics to protect our customers from the menace of counterfeiters." "We react quickly to expel any UNEDA member that is discovered selling stolen or counterfeit gear." "UNEDA leverages its unmatched, collective experience in current and past-generation network equipment to continually educate our members—and customers—on the telltale signs of illegitimate equipment." "We also work closely with various law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute counterfeiters."

ASCDI - Association of Computer Dealers International - fails to respond:

Joseph Marion - President of ASCDI failed to respond to telephone and email requests regarding the continued acceptance of NETWORK IT as a member in good standing with ASCDI. Yours truly is disappointed that Joseph Marion and ASCDI are keeping NETWORK IT as a member in good standing of their association. Marion and ASCDI are certainly undermining the battle against counterfeit Cisco! Official response from Joseph Marion - President of ASCDI

Over the last three years more than 400 seizures of counterfeit Cisco network hardware and labels with an estimated retail value of more than $76 million have been seized.

"Crimes like these threaten international commerce, national security and the very safety of our citizens," said Julie Myers - Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for ICE. "Throughout this investigation, the cooperation and partnership that we received from Cisco Systems, our law enforcement colleagues, and Chinese counterparts are a clear example of the results that can be realized through industry, interagency and international cooperation."

The FBI named its portion of this ongoing initiative Operation Cisco Raider - an international, coordinated investigation of 15 cases involving nine FBI field offices. The FBI worked closely with law enforcement partners including ICE, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, General Services Administration, Department of the Interior, Internal Revenue Service, and the Royal Canadian Mounties. Over the last two years, Operation Cisco Raider has resulted in 36 search warrants that identified approximately 3,500 counterfeit network components with an estimated retail value of over $3.5 million, and has led to a total of ten convictions and $1.7 million in restitution. ICE and CBP opened a total of 28 investigations in 17 separate field offices since 2005; eight of those investigations were worked jointly with the FBI and several with the Royal Canadian Mounties. ICE agents have conducted 115 seizures of counterfeit Cisco products having an estimated retail value of $20.4 million. ICE investigations have led to six indictments and four felony convictions to date. CBP has made 373 seizures of counterfeit Cisco network hardware since 2005, and 40 seizures of Cisco labels for counterfeit products. All together, ICE and CBP seized more than 74,000 counterfeit Cisco network components and labels with a total estimated retail value of more than $73 million.

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