Time For Facebook To Make Money

Google exec Sheryl Sandberg is heading over to Facebook to lead sales, marketing, communications and HR. What a great move for Facebook. This should bring a much needed emphasis and intellect on driving revenue from Facebook. Sheryl's connected as well as savvy about bringing ad revenues to online services.

I say it's a much needed move because I recall the strong takeaway from Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg's interview recently on 60 Minutes.

Now I'm not taking away from any of Mark's mega success with Facebook, it's been remarkable. But for me the interview was pretty striking about a real lack of understanding about how to monetize Facebook without driving away users who might rebel against advertising or other capitalization of a free and open Facebook.

I guess there's the "revenue will take care of itself" approach, but that strikes me as very dot.bomb-ish thinking for entrepreneurs these days. Maybe that's experienced a resurge in the Web 2.0 era. But then again, I also felt like the 60 Minutes episode wasn't giving Mark credit, just painting him as the next Internet wiz kid. 60 Minutes loves to over simplify and dumb down their explanation of computer technology. Their episode about wireless access war driving and personal identity theft was so dumbed down, it was insulting.

But back to the point. I would really like to see Sheryl Sandberg succeed in this roll, bringing new ideas and successes in demonstrating to everyone how social networking sites can be profitable ventures.

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