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You have to admit, the word Google does have a musical ring to it. So musical, in fact, that the word has been woven into the lyrics of numerous songs, not that I knew that without doing a Google search. Fittingly enough, Google's YouTube site serves up a solid collection of music videos that feature Google in song titles, from parody "Just Google" (a take-off on Michael Jackson's 1980s hit "Beat It" or perhaps more accurately, Weird Al Yankovic's "Eat It") to the super cheery "GoogleHead" to a couple of love songs. What's more, YouTube itself is finding itself in lyrics, such as in Mariah Carey's new "Touch My Body"). Of course Google isn't the first tech company with a tuneful history: IBM proudly promoted "corporate fellowship" songs back in the day. And, in fact, there are plenty of networky songs out there, as shown in this slideshow. For Google's part, a company spokeswoman says the search engine giant doesn't have an official theme song. But perhaps one of the tunes below will catch on and become at least the unofficial company anthem: Just Google (written by Lex Friedman and Seth Brown, performed by Friedman) Friedman says he and friend Brown have written dozens of songs together, "many of which are not terrible." They have a love for comedy songs and are both a tad on the nerdy side, acknowledges Friedman, who is director of entertainment for Demand Media, a Los Angeles-based Internet media company. "The inspiration for the tune, as I recall, was a simple combination of our love for funny songs and songwriting, and the fact that we could accomplish very little, if anything, without Google by our side. We wrote the song in one night, from about 7 p.m. until about midnight Pacific time. (At the time, I lived in LA, and Seth lived in Massachusetts. The time zone difference only helped facilitate our collaborations, since Seth is a night owl, and I'm not.)" "Just Google" was going to be a soundtrack for a Flash animation but that never happened. A video was made a year after the song was written, with lots of Googled images filling the video. The video had been viewed 80,000-plus times by the end of February. Another techie song by Friedman and Brown includes "The Internet's Out."

GoogleHead Google Heads (produced by Kevin Nalty) Perhaps the most chipper music video of all time, as a super happy woman sings/lip synchs the Laurie Berkner kids song called "Googleheads" as kids splash, dance and jump around (and push a laptop on a swing) while wearing "Google head" T-shirts bearing the search company's logo. The makers of the video emphasize that they aren't affiliated with Google the company. They also issue this warning: "if you don't like kids or cheesy videos, stay away from this one."

Google Song (The Zach Tate Band, 2006) Google gets the Southern Rock treatment in this song, which features the romantic chorus "I Google you, you Google me, where can be, sweet Natalie" and some very advanced subtitles spelling out the names of some of the band's ex-girlfriends.

The Google Song (lyrics by Jeff Stambovsky, sung to tune of "Georgia on My Mind") Jeff Stambovsky, a Wall Street veteran and former record company operator, served as master of ceremonies for last year's Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference. Part of his repertoire included performing "The Google Song," which recounts the tale of a Googler who saves his butt by uncovering a secret about his would-be doctor (including the clever lyrics: Google Google I googled you And I can't believe The dirt That I could find) Strambovsky has also penned songs about Gordon Moore of Moore's Law fame and perhaps the networkiest song ever, "We Didn't Start with Fiber" (sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "e Didn't Start the Fire")


The Googler (by Yariv Ben Yehuda) Ben Yehuda describes himself as a Tel Aviv native living in New York City working as an executive at a U.S. software company that develop tools for managing and optimizing face-to-face interactions. He describes "The Googlers" as "probably my cutest song." As for his inspiration for the song: "It had everything to do with my habit to google almost everything, especially searching for people: names of people that I met; people that I am about to meet; friends from the past. One day there will be something 'out there' about each and everyone of us. But naturally, googling my own name was the main inspiration. I thought to myself...boy, there is so much information here, I wish that I would be able to erase some of it. Once it's in google, it's hard to get rid of it." While Ben Yehuda says he hasn't publicly performed the song other than in his Internet video (which, of course, is pretty public), he did get e-mail from a Google office outside the U.S. that said his song was played for a whole day from the speakers of every PC in the building and that it was a big hit. Ben Yehuda is so impressed with Google that he has assembled a very Google-like Web site to highlight his songs and videos, including a Hebrew version of "The Googlers."

A song about Google (Lyrics James McGraw, voice/flash by Edward Evans, sung to tune of "My Girl") Evans, who describes himself on one video site as an English teacher in Moscow who creates musical animations featuring "Mort the Ostrich," sings in his "Song about Google" about the beauties of finding material to plagiarize for school papers and learning that your new love is a man killer before it's too late.

The Google Song (By Sputniko) This self-proclaimed "cyber femme" from London dances up a storm and sings "I'm too shy to talk to you, so I just google your name. Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google your name. I like you! I like you! I like you!" The singer, whose real name is Hiromi Ozaki, says: "It's a love song for those geeky girls like me who are too shy to talk to the boys they like and all they could do is google their name." This experimental/punk/electronica artist also has songs about Skype and the Nintendo Wii, and plays a mean armpit, using a little monster doohickey called Wakki (she explains it at her MySpace page). About her Google Song, Sputniko writes that it "still ranks really low on Google. Google tried to headhunt me recently and they told me to send them the lyrics for this song. They never got back to me after that though, am I supposed to be worried here?" When she isn't singing Sputniko is a freelance programmer, which helps to explain her penchant for techie songs.

Diane 42 (Finding Love on Google) (Written/performed by Mark Easley) The song begins: "One day after church, I did a Google search." Hard to beat that. Mark Easley of GoldHat Music plays guitar and sings, and also produces videos to help others learn how to play guitar.

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