10 Things I Would Like To See With iPhone SDK

Now that Kleiner Perkins is handing out their Pets.com profits to iPhone developers, here are 10 things I would like to see on my iPhone:

  1. A really useful VoIP client like Gizmo Project or Skype. It should completely remove the need to use the cell phone on long distance or roaming.
  2. A chat client like AudiumX that supports ALL the IM systems, not just a couple of them like AOL
  3. A Photo blogging tool from Flickr so I can blog quickly pictures taken from a USB tethered DSLR.
  4. A true Navigation system like Tom Tom on the iPhone. It should be integrated into the google mapping system with quick direction finder.
  5. Paypal integrated into the iPhone allowing micropayments for vending machines, parking meters etc directly from the iPhone (maybe through infraread etc, maybe blue tooth for common parking meters
  6. Business card exchange like the old Palm PDA had (only better) with a far more integrated contact management system. Maybe revolving around linkin concept
  7. Music recognizing software that linked to the Gracenote database and told you want the music is you are hearing at the local cafe
  8. Visual Card Management system. The ability to add all those plastic cards I have into a single image database. Borders Card, Chapters Card, Air Miles, Gym Membership. Help me get rid of the plastic cards in wallet syndrome.
  9. Payment authorization system for credit card. Like the Paypal example above but if my credit card is used, then an authorization PIN pad from the iPhone so that they know it is me that is doing it, OR I can give the card to a friend/family member who can use it but I still authorize the credit
  10. A great racing car simulation game so I can play it sitting on the floor of some airport waiting for that delayed flight

In fact most of these ideas as standard alone apps are okay but don't make a true business, however a company that focused on suites of apps for iPhone is something else......

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