TSA Questioned MacBook Air Airworthiness

In a humorous, real life experience blog post, developer Michael Nygard describes his experience taking the new MacBook Air onto a plane flight. Since the MacBook Air has no hard drive (when equipped with a solid state drive) and no CD-ROM drive, it doesn't have the same scanner reading as it passes through the TSA x-ray machine at the airport.

Apparently his new notebook caused enough of a stir that several TSA personnel had to come over to look at it, making him turn it on and run a program, before allowing the laptop through the screening line. The MacBook Air was allowed to pass, as was Michael, only to miss his flight because of the delay in the security line.

I recall a similar incident when a woman ahead of me in line placed one of those kids plastic bow and arrow sets on the baggage line for the x-ray machine. I remember looking at the lady thinking, "Are you crazy? No way they'll let that on." This was during the time you couldn't take scissors or anything resembling a sharp object on the plane.

TSA workers scurried to the x-ray line to look at the questionable bow and arrow set. After calling over three different supervisors, they determined the bow and arrow set would be ALLOWED ON THE PLANE. I was shocked to say the least.

When I questioned the agent how that was the case, the response was, "it only has plastic tips on the arrows, no metal." I still can't believe it to this day. Some things will never make sense.

So to hear Michael's story about the MacBook Air and the delays it caused doesn't surprise me one bit in the least. The only possible surprise is that they let his MacBook Air on the plane after proving it can run software programs.

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