Nortel CTO seeks mind share by using technology to make business simple

In his most recent blog entry, John Roese - Nortel CTO, blogs about how Nortel is seeking mind share by using technology to make business simple. John is quite enthusiastic about the new Nortel advertising campaigns which are focused on the following five Nortel technology strengths: 1. Nortel Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) Nortel PBT solutions have proven CAPEX and OPEX savings over MPLS in the metro area of over 50% each. This means you can scale the network but also drive cost and complexity out of the system - the essence of simple in John's view. Nortel Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) Ad Campaign:

2. Nortel 40G Nortel 40Gig Optical systems can operate over fiber plant that is already in the ground. No one else does this. So, with Nortel’s technology, capital cost and time to deploy 40G is substantially less than competitors’ offerings. This also makes scaling the core of telecom and the Internet simple. Nortel is doing the same with 100Gig. Nortel 40G Ad Campaign:

3. Nortel WiMAX The seamless mobile experience of the new 4G wireless world makes Nortel connectedness a pleasantly productive experience rather than a burden. All helping to simplify the technical experience of people's lives. Nortel WiMAX Ad Campaign:

4. Nortel TelePresence The new immersive experience of Nortel TelePresence keeps you in the office while enabling you to have face-to-face experiences with others around the globe. Nortel TelePresence Ad Campaign:

5. Nortel Unified Communications Nortel Unified Communications solutions allow a linkage between telecom and IT systems that has never existed. The idea of being able to go from an information application to a communications experience within the same environment saves huge time and cost, and significantly improves productivity. Being able to find the people you need, connect to them in the best way and essentially automate much of the complexity of communication makes business simple. Nortel Unified Communications Ad Campaign:

John also touts the Nortel Technical Journal, which talks about Nortel’s value prop in a number of areas and provides technical depth. What do YOU think of Nortel's new effort to gain mind share? http://www.BradReese.Com

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