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* Study shows videoconferencing to be a key part of intra-company collaboration

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Following up where we left off with our last newsletter, today we'll share the highlights of a recent Webtorials study that looks at some key trends surrounding video conferencing. Among the findings:

* Videoconferencing is already a key part of intra-company collaboration. About 77% of users already have access to a dedicated system in a conference room and 53% can use a PC-based system in their office.

* Scheduled conferences with special conference rooms are most common; however, significant growth is seen for ad hoc and inter-company conferencing. Scheduled conferences both present challenges and are fairly well saturated.

* The top three obstacles to video conferencing included equipment costs (46%), the requirement of having to go to a special room to use video conferencing (44%)  and the cost of bandwidth (37%)

* Major drivers include increased productivity as well as "hard" financial savings. Counting those who qualified video conferencing market drivers as either "major" or "significant", 75% of respondents found that the technology improved working relationships, 67% found it reduced costs of doing business and 67% found it improved responsiveness.

* The introduction of easy-to-use desktop videoconferencing will be a major driver for achieving goals and overcoming current obstacles, and most of the objections are met by emerging technologies and services.

Additional details including survey data detailing each of the key findings can be found on Webtorials here. The study was conducted using a targeted panel of about 2,000 key Webtorials community members who had shown recent interest in video, unified communications or similar topics. More than 150 respondents with more than 250 employees in the company completed the survey; 56% of responses came from North America and the remaining data come from replies representing the rest of the world.

Our thanks to Avaya for sponsoring a large part of this survey and to Avaya and Webtorials for making the data and analysis available.

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