XO announces SIP trunking solution

* Adds flexibility and scalability to distributed voice network architecture for a more centralized and cost-effective VoIP solution

XO Communications has unveiled an enterprise-class, multi-site Session Initiation Protocol trunking solution designed to add flexibility and scalability to distributed voice network architecture for a more centralized and cost-effective VoIP solution. XO Enterprise SIP customers can use a centralized IP-PBX in one or a few primary locations to deliver VoIP services to other branch locations in the corporate WAN using XO's MPLS IP-VPN. Using SIP trunks can help customers reduce more expensive ISDN PRI or Digital T-1 voice trunks.

Companies that use SIP trunks can more efficiently use network capacity by dynamically sharing voice trunk capacity. The XO service also allows enterprise users to burst above their purchased capacity when necessary, according to the company. Enterprise networks that change frequently will also see improved network management efficiency because using a SIP trunk brings connectivity from the branch office to a central site and thus requires less effort to connect new locations to the PSTN.

XO offers flexible pricing based on bandwidth and VoIP sessions instead of lines, with trunks available in incremental bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps to 1 Gig. Other VoIP service options include virtual telephone numbers for a presence in markets where the enterprise may not have a physical office (XO offers VoIP services in all 50 states and more than 2,700 cities); upgraded call compression technology; and business continuity options with Enterprise SIP trunk failover.

Our observations: Enterprises in search of a SIP trunk from an incumbent local exchange carrier may need to hire a detective to find such a SIP service, even though SIP trunks are offered by most ILECS. Perhaps the ILECS are loath to give up their legacy ISDN PRI trunk revenues, or are busy developing SIP-based services such as presence management or unified communications that offer more than value than a SIP trunk. But in the meanwhile, alternative carriers like XO are very happy to offer (and actively sell) SIP trunking services.

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