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With enterprises and carriers moving beyond 1G and 10G Ethernet to 40G and 100G Ethernet, we thought it might be handy to bundle up our most recent coverage of high-speed Ethernet in one tidy package.


100G Ethernet: Bridge to Terabit Ethernet  IT managers who are getting started with – or even pushing the limits of -- 10 Gigabit Ethernet in their LANs and data centers won't have to wait long for higher speed connectivity. 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet products are slated to ship by year-end; terabit speeds are anticipated by 2015

10G Ethernet shakes net design to the core  Convergence, virtualization and more necessitates a new breed of high-performance, low-latency, non-blocking 10G Ethernet switches now hitting the market. And it won't be long before these 10G switches are upgraded to 40G and 100G Ethernet switches when those IEEE standards are ratified in mid-2010.

Juniper claims first with 100G Ethernet  Juniper in June introduced a 100G Ethernet interface for its T1600 core router, which it says is needed due to rapidly increasing network traffic and growth in video communications, advanced wireless services and virtualized cloud computing.

Alcatel to push 100G to carrier edge  Alcatel-Lucent plans to ship a router module next year that supports the emerging 100G Ethernet standard at the edge of carrier networks, where services are delivered to subscribers.

Verizon trials 100G Ethernet with UK research net Verizon Business took its next step toward deploying 100Gbps by trialing its 100G optical service with the United Kingdom's national research and education network, JANET. Verizon says it finished the trial in April after it sent 100G signals simultaneously with 10G and 40G optical signals over a 103-kilometer section of its global network located between London and Reading in the United Kingdom.

Qwest upgrading backbone to 100G  Qwest has started upgrading its Ethernet backbone to 100Gbps, a project that the company says it will work on all throughout 2010.

Ixia demos 100G Ethernet at Interop  Ixia transmitted and received Ethernet traffic at 100Gbps through a CFP Multi-Source Agreement optical module.


100G Ethernet races to market  Emergence of testing gear from JDSU raises question of whether the market is ready for 100G Ethernet, not just 40G.

Alcatel-Lucent follows Juniper with 100G Ethernet; where's Cisco?  Cisco says it is waiting for the standard to be ratified, and for a customer to deploy the technology before announcing. (Comcast tested the interface on the CRS-1.)


Evolution of Ethernet  From 3Mbps over shared coax to 40/100Gbps over fiber…and beyond. Here's a timeline showing key milestones in the growth of Ethernet.

 PODCASTS Professor Harvey Newman from the California Institute of Technology joins us to talk about his recent experiment that delivered the first true 100 Gigabit payload transmission over a single wavelength, and where Ethernet is headed in the future - to Terabit and beyond!

Pushing Beyond 100G Ethernet

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