The state of the data center: Part 2

Compellent updates storage array

Symantec released its 2010 State of the Data Center study this week. This newsletter is part II of the study conducted by Applied Research of 1,780 respondents.

The state of the data center, Part 1 

Of the respondents, 48% said they were making minor changes to their data centers this year and 42% said they were making significant changes. Among the changes they rated most important were security (57%), backup and recovery (46%), continuous data protection (44%) and storage resource management (32%).

Respondents also indicated that 30% of their staff works in data centers and that they have a median of 10 data center jobs open right now. The median for data center budgets is $1,000,000, an increase of 10% over the past two years. Forty-three percent said they would outsource backup and recovery to outside consultants and 41% said they would outsource business continuity.

Of the organizations surveyed, the median storage capacity is 218TB, with a 50% utilization for Tier 1 storage, 30% capacity for Tier 2 and 20% for Tier 3. Estimated growth over the next year averages 30% for Tier 1 and 20% each for Tier 2 and Tier 3.

The full report can be viewed here.

In other news, Compellent released a new version of its Storage Center array that adds Serial Attached SCSI drives, RAID 6 data protection and volume replication. Portable volumes allows customers to replicate data to portable external hard drives. SAS drives can scale up to 384 drives in the same enclosures and RAID 6 stores data on RAID 10 configured systems and then migrates least active data to RAID 6.

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