Identity issues for 2010, Part 3

* IdM leaders weigh in on IT budgets, identity access and cloud computing

Today we'll wind up the predictions for the coming year that have come to me from pundits and thought leaders in the IdM industry.

Imprivata founder and CTO, David Ting, appears to have a gloomy outlook. He first mentioned that 2009 "…we saw IT budgets decimated and security threats evolve into clever, sophisticated entities that caused serious havoc for organizations. Do the names Kaiser Permanente, Fannie Mae and Stens Corporation ring a bell?" Then he predicted that "…these types of activities are only going to propagate more strongly in 2010, as threats are not only escalating but becoming more sophisticated and damaging."

Microsoft's J. G. Chirapurath says: "Access will become more fine grained and contextual in connection with ID [I, for one, hope so!]." He adds, "You'll begin to see consumers and enterprises demanding smarter, fine-grained access -- a la, my mom can only view my photos but can't edit it. My wife can view, edit, delete. My directs can view, edit and delete team documents on the workgroup sharepoint portal but my manager can only view.."

We began this series on predictions looking at cloud computing, and Novell's Justin Steinman gets the final word on that topic: "In 2010, you will see vendors of all shapes and sizes -- ranging from established identity vendors like Novell to the venture-backed start-ups and everything in between -- trying to bring a solution to market. The real trick will be to extend the existing identity infrastructure that exists in the enterprise today out to the cloud tomorrow, and be able to do it all in an intelligent manner. The company that cracks this problem will be positioned to become the identity leader for the next decade."

Extending enterprise identity infrastructure into the cloud becomes the Holy Grail. I think that will fuel some interesting competition.

One prediction I can make, because I know it's true, is that 2010 will mark the end of the Liberty Alliance. I was chatting with Liberty President (and Oracle Vice President) Roger Sullivan last week and he confirmed that the venerable (in Internet years -- it was founded in 2001) organization will complete a roll-up into the new Kantara Initiative before mid-year. As Sullivan is also president of Kantara, he knows whereof he speaks.

That's it for predictions; we'll examine news about the user-centric identity sphere next time.

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