Security, network management vendors add log, compliance capabilities

Tripwire, WhatsUp Gold separately add security event, log management capabilities that broaden their respective product portfolios.

Security vendor Tripwire develops technology to take on security event and log management, while Ipswitch’s network management division WhatsUp Gold acquires Dorian Software to address customer compliance demands.

IT buyers are looking to get more capabilities from fewer tools and more value from existing vendors. That’s why news of security vendors adding log management features to their product portfolio and network management vendors buying security event management companies is a good thing for the IT management market.

The convergence of SIEM and log management

Two vendors this week made significant moves to augment their existing product suites with additional capabilities that allow customers to have integrated network, security and log management capabilities at their fingertips. Security and configuration management vendor Tripwire announced it had developed a new software application that addresses log management and compliance needs for customers. Tripwire Log Center is available now and comes fully integrated with the vendor’s enterprise suite, but also works as a stand-alone log collection and compliance monitoring product, the vendor says.

“Customers are concerned that breaches are happening more often and with bigger implementations. We developed a product to help customers more easily determine if their environment is secure and compliant when changes are made,” says Dwayne Melancon, vice president of strategy for Tripwire. “We created a product that provides security event and log management in a stand-alone application that also integrates with our enterprise products to give customers additional perspective on changes being made in their environment.”

Tripwire Log Center, priced based on events per second and starting at around $20,000, is software that installs in the data center and collects log information from systems, servers, firewalls, network devices, applications and other elements in the environment. The product competes with similar offerings from security vendors such as Symantec and McAfee, as well as niche players in the log management market.

“Because we are coming at log management a bit later in the market, we have incorporated many of the lessons learned and much of the intelligence about security events and log management into the product,” Melancon says. “If customers have a security log or compliance need, we can get them 80% or more there with this product and its out-of-the-box policies. A lot of the competitive advantage for us comes down to time to value for the customer.”

Separately, WhatsUp Gold, the network management division of Ipswitch, announced this week it had acquired Dorian Software for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition marks the trend toward further consolidation among management vendors targeting small to midsize customers, but also shows the drive to integrate more management capabilities into fewer tools. For WhatsUp Gold customers, the buy means they could get Windows security event and log management capabilities in an affordable, integrated network management software suite.

“We believe our mutual customers will greatly benefit from a single vendor supporting the gamut of network management tasks from device utilization and bandwidth monitoring, systems and application management, traffic analysis, VoIP and now security and compliance solutions via in-depth log management,” said Ennio Carboni, president of WhatsUp Gold, in a statement.

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