Platformic, a CMS with genius

Every now and then you come across a product or service that just amazes you with its genius; which was exactly my response to a hosted Content Management System (CMS) published by Platformic.

Platformic's eponymous service is simply amazing. Unlike any other CMS I know of the underlying model of the service separates the content from the display mechanism so that the display context (Web site, print, mobile device) causes the mechanism to select the best format. For example, a Flash movie to show on a Web page will be dynamically converted to a JPG image when viewed on a mobile device. This is a level of flexibility in CMS platforms that is unparalleled.

Platformic's content building system is what first got me excited. You can load an image of your intended page layout into the content editor and then by simply selecting functional areas (banner, headline, navigation bar, content area, and so on) with your mouse generate a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). You then populate the divisions with the required function (RSS feed, HTML content, etc.) and you're done.

You can create page templates as well as package selected layouts for reuse as subsections of Web pages (for example, as common headers and footers) throughout a site or across sites. Platformic also provides very granular access control allowing administrators to create users with very specific roles within specific sections of their Web sites.

Platformic also includes user registration and authentication, integration with external services, e-mail distribution to registered users, and support for social networking services including blogging through the Web site and on mobile devices. There are also modules to support ad servers, contests, forms, forums, message boards, and polls along with an archive tool (for accessing archived blog and forum content), a calendar tool, a feed slideshow, a photo gallery, scheduled content, and a video blogging module.

Platformic delivers a lot of video content already and have built support for content delivery networks such as Akamai into their infrastructure.

In only two and a half years of business and with no advertising Platformic have managed to build an impressive portfolio of clients including Comcast Sportsnet, Fox Sports, Tribune, and Cox Communications.

Hosted service pricing starts at $500 per month and a self-hosted option is available for around $80,000 plus an annual 15% maintenance fee.

I think this may well be the most impressive content management solution I've seen to date. It's remarkably easy to use, incredibly well-featured, and very suitable for use by enterprises. And it's got that spark of genius.

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