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* Top 10 things heard at the event.

While I was in Germany for The Experts Conference, Digital ID World (DIDW) was taking place in Las Vegas. Since I couldn't be in two places at once, I have to rely on others to tell us what the high (and low) points of the conference were. Today we'll hear from my fellow grandfather, Mark Dixon (he's Chief Identity Solution Architect in Sun's North American Software Practice), who is a veteran DIDW attendee.

Winners of Digital ID World's 2008 Iddy Awards

He posted, in true talk-show fashion, his "top 10" list of DIDW thoughts. Among them are:

"Most Stimulating Information: Jeff Jonas' discussion about using data analytics to discover space-time-travel characteristics of individuals was both challenging and disturbing." Read more on Jonas' blog about the implications of cell phone carriers' data collection. As Jonas states: "Mobile devices in America are generating something like 600 billion geo-spatially tagged transactions per day." That's a sobering number.

"Newest Identity Concept: Phil Windley's proposal to enable contextualized, purpose-based user experiences using the Web browser as a point of integration triggers lots of new thoughts about extracting value from the Internet." Windley's thesis is that there are six new principles:

1. Purpose is more important than Location.

2. Freedom is more important than Control.

3. Context is more important than Content.

4. Relationships are more important than Transactions.

5. Loyalty is more important than "Time on site."

6. Individuals are more important than Demographic.

"Most Reinforced Notion: The Identity Management market is maturing. Companies are seeking to learn best practices for getting the most out of their investments." It has been 10 years since the concept of Identity Management arose through the first provisioning applications. That's very mature in internet time.

"Biggest Question in my [i.e., Mark Dixon's] Mind: How much validity should we place in Symplified's claim that 'Federation is Dead. Long Live the Federation Fabric'?" This phrase has shown up in my in-box, my tweetstream and, now, even in my dreams fairly constantly over the past few weeks. Symplified calls itself the "On Demand" identity company but this new catchphrase is intended to sell their proprietary product as a better alternative to SAML-based federation services. They may have a point to make, but bludgeoning me with this cutesy marketing-speak isn't the best way to make it.

Finally, Mark had this to offer – "Biggest Disappointment: The show seems to get smaller each year – both in the number of attendees and participating vendors. Will it survive?" The show has changed in the past few years – more corporate, less personal. There was a certain quirkiness to the show when Phil Becker was running it which is no longer there. Maybe the state of the economy had something to do with the shrinking size this year, though, and maybe it'll recover by next year.

A big tip o'the hat to Mark for letting me steal his thoughts.

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