Zeus takes traffic management to the cloud

Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 can operate across physical, virtual and cloud IT environments

Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 software can be deployed on industry standard hardware, virtual machines and commercial cloud platforms.

Zeus Technology unveiled the latest version of its software-based application traffic management technology last week, which is aimed at helping enterprises more easily manage Web traffic, spot problems and add more computing power during spikes.

Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 can operate across physical, virtual and cloud IT environments, and the vendor has added support for additional platforms to increase users’ deployment options. The latest version adds support for Amazon’s EC2 platform and OpenSolaris. In addition, Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 can run as a virtual appliance on VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Xen and OracleVM virtualization platforms.

In addition, version 6.0 adds support for multi-hosted traffic IP addresses, which allows up to 64 Zeus Traffic Managers to share traffic directed to a single IP address. Traffic Managers can be added or removed without disrupting the existing infrastructure, and users can unlock (by license key) new features as needed.

Other new capabilities in Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 include: a command line interface to manage clusters more effectively; solid state disk caching to improve performance; geolocation capabilities that can identify the location of users and create location-sensitive traffic management policies; a new TrafficScript code editor and the ability to quickly manage large sets of rules; and improved monitoring and logging features.

“The latest release from Zeus will enable businesses to cope with the massive growth in the demand for Web services, which is putting huge demands on Web infrastructures,” said Paul Brennan, CEO of Zeus Technology, in a statement. “Zeus Traffic Manager 6.0 will allow companies to see, manage and control their applications across any IT environment, ensuring they are online all the time.”

Meanwhile, Zeus laid the groundwork for a new product release, due early in 2010. The new product is Zeus Cloud Traffic Manager, and it’s designed to monitor cloud usage and manage application traffic in the cloud. It will work in all clouds so enterprises can avoid vendor lock-in, Zeus says.

“The Zeus Cloud Traffic Manager will help enterprises address [management] concerns by providing valuable insight into how much cloud resource is being used in real-time. This insight is crucial if businesses are to effectively manage cloud traffic and control costs,” said William Fellows, principal analyst at The 451 Group, in a statement.

In conjunction with its Cloud Traffic Manager preview, Zeus shared the results of a survey that found nearly 75% of IT executives polled already use or plan to use cloud computing, but just 27% have a solution in place to manage it.

The biggest concern among respondents is being locked-in to one vendor for cloud services, according to 63% of organizations. Other concerns about cloud computing include a lack of cost control (cited by 57% of respondents) and scalability (35%).

The results show a need for more sophisticated tools to monitor and control cloud usage and the movement of applications from cloud to cloud, Zeus says.

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