Chapter 3: Understanding Core Exchange Server 2010 Design Plans

Excerpt from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed

Excerpt from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed hosted on Network World's Microsoft Subnet.

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Excerpt from Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed.

By Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, Chris Amaris, Andrew Abbate, and Mark Weinhardt

Published by Sams

ISBN-10: 0-672-33046-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33046-9

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In This Chapter

  • Planning for Exchange Server 2010

  • Understanding AD Design Concepts for Exchange Server 2010

  • Determining Exchange Server 2010 Placement

  • Configuring Exchange Server 2010 for Maximum Performance and Reliability

  • Securing and Maintaining an Exchange Server 2010 Implementation

The fundamental capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 are impressive. Improvements to security, reliability, and scalability enhance an already road-tested and stable Exchange Server platform. Along with these impressive credentials comes an equally impressive design task. Proper design of an Exchange Server 2010 platform will do more than practically anything to reduce headaches and support calls in the future. Many complexities of Exchange Server might seem daunting, but with a full understanding of the fundamental components and improvements, the task of designing the Exchange Server 2010 environment becomes manageable.

This chapter focuses specifically on the Exchange Server 2010 components required for design. Key decision-making factors influencing design are presented and tied into overall strategy. All critical pieces of information required to design Exchange Server 2010 implementations are outlined and explained. Enterprise Exchange Server design and planning concepts are expanded in Chapter 4, “Architecting an Enterprise-Level Exchange Server Environment.”

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