IBM upgrades Tivoli Identity Manager

* Plus, Zscaler brings security to the cloud

Lots of announcements hitting the wires over the past couple of weeks, so we'll do a quick roundup in this issue and the next, and then go in depth in later issues for the announcements that warrant it.

Let's start with last week's IBM news, a new release of Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM). Martin Kuppinger, among others, wonders why this only got a minor upgrade version number (5.1) instead of a full jump to 6.0 in light of all that's packed in. Read his note and then check it out for yourself.

Those of you interested in cloud computing should look into new-on-the-horizon Zscaler, which bills itself as "the industry-first multi-tenant SaaS [software-as-a-service] security provider". The company claims:

1. Better architecture – true multi-tenant, true SaaS (no hardware/software required); scalable; distributed (>20 data centers); lightening-fast load-balancing. Results – very high performance, minimal cost and disruption.

2. Better technology – such as in-depth content X-Ray inspection, which is like a "virtual strip search" at very high speed, stopping suspicious actions.

3. Integrated security – protects against bi-directional threats inbound (malicious code and content, malware, viruses, spyware, cross-site scripting, botnets, phishing, malicious URLs, Web content) -- and outbound (data leak, tunneling of other protocols through HTTP, use of anonymizers to bypass security). It also enables management (traffic control, URL filtering, bandwidth control), compliance (data leak/loss prevention/DLP) and reporting. Certainly worth a look.

Two companies that are no strangers to this newsletter -- Sailpoint and CyberArk -- have partnered to, in their words, enable "… organizations to inventory and manage privileged accounts; to understand the business role and organizational membership of users requesting and using privileged accounts; and to monitor the actions users take with these accounts." Check both to see if there's any synergy, and if you can benefit.

Finally, a reminder that right after May's European Identity Conference I reported that Microsoft's Vittorio Bertocci, when asked how easy it was to enable an application to use CardSpace, replied "even the brain-dead can do it." Well now he's posted a how-to video and, I'll have to admit, it does look easy-peasy. See for your self here.

No more room today, but more coming in the next issue -- stay tuned!

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