Quantum upgrades disk-based backup/replication box

* Enhanced DXi7500 offers 22% more usable capacity

Quantum last week upgraded its disk backup and remote replication DXi7500 device to include multi-site replication and direct tape creation from disk.

The enhanced DXi7500 product line offers a 22% increase in usable capacity according to Quantum’s claims. The largest DXi7500 has 220TB of usable capacity; the DXi7500 Express has 3TB of capacity. The DXi7500 was recently upgraded from 750GB to 1TB disk drives and an upgrade to double-parity RAID 6.

Quantum has enhanced the DXi7500 with more granular replication and synchronization – data can be replicated at the cartridge or file and folder directory. Administrators can recover data from just-completed file backups. New scheduling and reporting features are also included.

In addition, the DXi7500 is now integrated with the Symantec OpenStorage API which allows customers using Veritas NetBackup to decrease their costs associated with backup, disaster recovery and replication.

Further the DXi7500 now has software filters for Oracle’s popular Recovery Manager (RMAN). When used with RMAN, the DXi7500 can achieve a 4x increase in deduplication ratios.

The company is also offering integrated tape creation for the DXi7500, supporting Symantec NetBackup and EMC NetWorker 7.5. The DXi7500 software now also includes a command line interface, as well as a graphical interface.

The DXi7500 starts at $98,250.

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