Bradford Networks prepares for growth

* Bradford Networks has hired a president and chief operating officer to better prepare itself for growth

On an optimistic note, Bradford Networks has hired a president and chief operating officer in the person of Gregg Bjork.

It’s optimistic given an economy in which layoffs not new hires are the typical news of the day, and this is a new position at the top of the company where Bjork presumably can have a big impact.

The reason for the hire is that the company wants to better prepare itself for growth, which implies that the company thinks it is going to be around awhile. NAC competitors have been getting bought up and going out of business over the past year or so, so this is good news.

Part of Bjork’s job will be to make sure the company has the business infrastructure and systems in place to scale. That means making sure there is enough sales, marketing, support and engineering staff to meet expected increasing demand, a company spokesman says.

In making the announcement, the company claims an 87% growth in sales in 2008 over 2007 thanks to 120 new customers. That’s a pretty impressive percentage, but since the company doesn’t release the actual dollar amounts, it’s hard to know how excited to be. Startups typically have enormous growth percentages in the early years because the dollars involved are still relatively small.

Regardless, Bradford has been a pretty focused company, starting out selling its gear just to colleges, then expanding it to general enterprises. Its reported growth, the infusion of $8 million in venture funding last year and the hire of Bjork indicate that it is positioned and hopeful of growing even as the market gets tighter.

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