How we tested SLES, SLED 11

We tested SLES and SLED 11 on a switched GBE network (Dlink managed switches).

We tested SLES and SLED 11 on a switched Gigabit Ethernet network (Dlink managed switches). We tested SLES 11 principally on an HP DL580G5 server (with four sockets, 16 64-bit cores, 16GB memory, internal SAS array, 4-Gigabit Ethernet connections).

We tested connectivity between the various servers mentioned above and clients (Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, and Windows Beta 7, as well as MacOS 10.5.2, and Ubuntu 8.04.), installation and manageability.

Performance was tested via a regimen we developed for comparing native and VM guest server performance using SPEC's SPECjbb2005, and Intel's IOMeter.

We tested SLES 11 Xen performance using SPECjbb2005, a Java-based business simulation test, with three SLES 11 inside VMs running Java 1.6 comparing with SLES 10 SP2 VMs running Java 1.6. The second test was to test SLES 10SP2 under SLES 11 Xen against SLES 10 SP2 under SLES 10 Xen, both of these used Java 1.5 for comparative purposes.

We also used IOmeter to measure the native SLES 11 IOs/second vs. native SLES 10SP2 IOs/second in terms of disk performance.

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