Apricorn Universal Hard Drive Adapter (tested with Apricorn 160 GB 2.5-inch drive)

Apricorn Universal Hard Drive Adapter

Cool Yule Rating: 5 stars

Price: $39

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Description: Anyone who has spent any time servicing or upgrading computers has undoubtedly run into the problem of just wanting to copy data off an internal drive that is no longer part of a functioning computer. Or you might just want to test the drive to see if it still works, but don't want to spend a lot of time installing the drive in a notebook or desktop PC.

That's where this handy little adapter from Apricorn comes in. The concept is simple – just plug it directly into any PATA or SATA drive, and plug the USB adapter into any PC. There are no drivers – if you are familiar with Windows administrative tools, you can have the drive ready to go in no time. The system also includes an AC adapter, in case your drive requires the use of separate, non-USB power.

The device really is a piece of cake. It's not the only product of this type on the market, but it is flexible, well-built, and a great stocking stuffer, for both professional PC repair types or home PC hobbyists. One quick thing – make sure you work in a grounded environment before trying the product – sitting in your pajamas under the tree is probably not the best locale for using the product.

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