DXG-567 HD high-definition digital video camera

DXG-567 HD high-definition digital video camera

Cool Yule Rating: 3 stars

Price: $120

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Description: A competitor to the Flip video camera, the DXG-567V is a handheld digital video camera that can record high-definition video content directly to an SD memory card (not included). The device includes a 5-megapixel video sensor and can record video up to 1,280-by-720 resolution at 30 frames/sec. A 1.7-inch display lets you watch videos on the device, or you can transfer the content (QuickTime .MOV format) to a PC via the SD card or a pop-out USB port. The device also includes composite and component cables if you want to watch the videos on a TV.

The ability to shoot quick videos in the palm of your hand without needing a tape camcorder is nice, especially for spur-of-the-moment events, or even as a "video blogging" tool. The video quality seems better than video recorders from a cell phone, but still not as good as a camcorder.

However, you're going to get a lot of shaky video, as there's no image stabilization. Focusing on close objects is also an issue; this seems designed more for shooting at greater distances (such as at a soccer game or dance recital). This also won't shoot good video in low light or very bright light, either.

While this might be useful in some business cases (such as video blogging and quick interviews), you're going to sacrifice some video quality for the portability. This is more likely a consumer-type video camera for capturing quick, fun, on-the-fly moments, especially if you want to upload them to a Web site later.

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