iRecord Personal Media Recorder

iRecord Personal Media Recorder

Cool Yule Rating: 3 stars

Price: $199.95

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Description: This device converts any type of video or audio directly into an iPod at the touch of a button. No software or PC is needed, the converter plugs into any audio or video devices via composite cables (S-Video also supported), and converts to MP3 or MP4 (video) format. You can also put the files on a USB hard drive if you don't want to convert right onto an iPod.

The best usage for such a device would be for TV shows stored on a DVR that you'd like to copy onto a portable device (iPod or external storage drive), or if you have some audio that you'd like to directly convert. For example, if you have a CD player with audio output cables, you can convert the audio CD right onto the iPod without having to burn the audio through PC software like iTunes. Like the Pinnacle Video Transfer, you can convert video tapes (camcorder or VCR tapes), but you can't see the video unless you have a TV with video outputs. If that's not a problem (if you just want to mass convert video), that's not an issue, but in my cases I've wanted to see what I was converting during the process.

Finally, the price is a bit steep for my tastes – for $100 less I could buy the Pinnacle Video Transfer device. Maybe that $100 is worth it for the audio conversion, but you'll also need the correct cables as well.

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