Chapter 3: Routing Calls over Analog Voice Ports

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Note - This command affects only voice traffic. If the wrong cable scheme is specified, the user might get voice traffic in only one direction.

Also, using this command on a voice port changes the operation of both voice ports on a voice port module (VPM) card. The voice port must be shut down and then opened again for the new value to take effect.

Step 4. Specify the type of E&M interface.

Router(config-voiceport)#type 1

Step 5. Activate the voice port.

Router(config-voiceport)#no shutdown

Step 6. Exit voice port configuration mode.


Step 7. Create a dial peer for the POTS phones.

Router(config)#dial-peer voice 10 pots

Step 8. Specify the destination pattern for the POTS phones.

Router(config-dialpeer)#destination-pattern 1...

Step 9. Specify direct inward dial.


Note - DID is needed when POTS phones call IP Phones. In this case we match the POTS dial peer. This same dial peer is also used to call out to POTS phones.

Step 10. Specify digit forwarding all, so that no digits will be stripped as they are forwarded out of the voice port. By default, only digits matched by wildcard characters in the destination-pattern command are forwarded.

Router(config-dialpeer)#forward-digits all

Step 11. Specify the voice port associated with this dial peer.

Router(config-dialpeer)#port 1/1/1

Example 3-3 shows the complete E&M voice port configuration.

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