Google Maps add color to Streamcore software

* StreamMap feature uses Google Maps to provide a graphical display of WAN performance data

Google Maps is a cool tool for zooming in on businesses or residences you need to find. But how about using it to display WAN performance? The new version of Streamcore's appliance software uses Google Maps to help IT staff geographically zero in on trouble spots.

Version 5.2 of the software that runs Streamcore's StreamGroomer WAN optimization appliances and centralized management platform includes a feature called StreamMap. Based on Google Maps technology, StreamMap provides a graphical display of performance data such as link utilization that’s tied to the physical addresses of the sites being monitored.

The goal of StreamMap is to improve WAN visibility and simplify management operations, says Christophe Peretou, vice president of technical operations at Streamcore.

Also new in Version 5.2 are enhanced tools for monitoring VoIP application delivery over the WAN. Newly added VoIP quality metrics include technical measurements such as latency, jitter and packet loss and an aggregate mean opinion score that gauges overall VoIP quality based on the users’ perspective, Peretou says. The new measurements are designed to help IT staff detect any degradation in VoIP quality and be proactive in capacity planning.

For enterprise branch offices that have two redundant access links, Version 5.2 adds backup link management features. Traffic can be load-balanced per session or per application over the two access links, and if one link fails, the StreamGroomer appliance can apply a backup QoS policy to reprioritize network traffic over the remaining access link.

“Good tools for managing application delivery at branch offices are essential in today’s networks,” said analyst Jim Metzler, vice president of Ashton, Metzler and Associates, in a statement. “Streamcore’s latest software equips IT managers with the visibility and controls they need to achieve optimal branch office applications performance.”

Streamcore’s 5.2 software is generally available now.

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