Chapter 1: Installing or Upgrading to the SQL Server 2008 Database Engine


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This chapter describes the step-by-step process for installing a clean version of SQL Server 2008 Database Engine and/or upgrading an existing SQL Server Database Engine implementation to SQL Server 2008. In addition, this chapter covers how to leverage the planning tools to ensure a successful installation, upgrade, or transition.

Even though the SQL Server 2008 installation process is very intuitive and has been simplified, a DBA must make several key decisions to ensure that the completed installation or upgrade will meet the needs of the organization. For example, is it beneficial to upgrade an existing SQL Server implementation to SQL Server 2008, or is it preferred to conduct a clean install from scratch? What are the ramifications of these alternatives? Will you lose your existing SQL Server settings, databases, and configurations? This chapter covers these prerequisite planning tasks to address the questions and concerns of DBAs.

In addition, this chapter also covers the hardware and software prerequisites, supported SQL Server 2008 upgrade paths, supported Windows operating systems for running SQL Server 2008, and benefits of running SQL Server 2008 on the highly anticipated Windows Server 2008 family of operating systems.

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