Making friends with Twitter, forums and blogs

Social networks are infiltrating your corporate network and distracting your employees. Analyst Curt Monash offers advice on turning the situation from nuisance to competitive advantage.

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Curt_Monash: Oh, sure. These things come and go. What's more, you left out the biggie -- forums. One can be members of LOTS of different communities. I've left many, many communities. But they've also been very important to me. I met my wife on a Prodigy forum. That was over 15 years ago. As far as profiles being spread out all over -- it's ridiculous, and it's a long way away from being fixed.

Moderator-Julie: We've come to the end of our chat. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have ideas of future chats, please e-mail me Again, thank you, Curt for joining us today.

Curt_Monash: Thanks, everybody. Great questions!

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