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* What's in store at Digital ID World

Digital ID World takes place in Anaheim next week and it's sure to be, once again, a hot bed of discussion about identity topics. While I hope all the attendees will try to fight their way into the two sessions I'll be doing, there's also a lot of other stuff going on that should whet your appetite for learning.

Monday leads off with the now traditional workshops, but this year features both all-day and half-day (afternoon) sessions to accommodate those arriving Monday morning. There are also a couple of keynote sessions late on Monday afternoon including a keynote panel (something I’ve never seen before) on “Identity Assurance: A Backbone For The Identity Marketplace.”

Monday features my first session, “An Enterprise Identity Roadmap For Enterprise Identity Architects” which is also something a bit different – no slides, no prepared remarks, no panel – just me and whoever shows up in the audience. I talked about this after last spring’s Internet Identity Workshop and now we’re trying to move the idea forward.

On Tuesday I’ll be back on stage for a more traditional panel discussion, but there’s also a twist to it: it’s a reprise of the panel discussion we did at July’s SSO Summit “Customer Perspectives on ESSO” (enterprise single sign-on) re-titled “Getting To E-SSO”. Joining me once again will be Steven Craige from Bank of the West and Christopher Paidhrin from Southwest Washington Medical Center along with first-time participant Pat Duty, of Maryland’s Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Each has gotten to ESSO by a different path and we’ll look for insights that might help you along the path you’ve chosen (or are planning to choose) for your ESSO implementation.

There’s still a chance for you to get to Digital ID World if you hadn’t already planned to. See the agenda if you need further ammunition to scrape the fees from your bean counters. And you might want to bring the whole family this time - while Digital ID World rarely deals with "Mickey Mouse" issues, the well-known rodent does live right down the street in Disneyland. See you there.

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