Module 1: Strategic Imperatives

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Integration with other organizations, suppliers, partners, and customers generates business benefits. The more integrated an organization is, the higher the financial benefits will be. In this section, you learned about external integration and the four levels of integration. You also learned how the integration of processes and technology relates to increased financial performance and improved customer value.


This section focused on the impact of Internet-enabled IT on markets and businesses. You have seen how the communication capabilities, both between individuals and systems, have accelerated competition and torn down walls that have separated business from their markets, businesses from their suppliers, and businesses from their customers. You have also seen how the Internet has fundamentally transformed the world economy from small markets separated by geographic distances to a global economy that transcends geography and time.

This module wrapped up its examination of the Internet with a discussion of integration and how even moderate levels of integration can have significant financial benefits to business.

At this point, though, you might think that this seems a bit overwhelming. From the standpoint of a small business, especially, you might think that it is impossible for a business to survive for long in a global market where almost anything that you have thought of has already been implemented by someone else. This is not true, though.

In the next module, you will see how to put effective business strategies in place to leverage new technology to your advantage.

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